TD-Mobile Offers Worldwide Coverage To Over 1,400 Roaming Partners

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Next Generation Mobile Service Platform

Interconnects with 1,400 Mobile Network Operators across the globe

World leading interoperability

Roaming relationships that provide access in over 1,400 Mobile Operators worldwide

Highly secure intuitive API-based interface, reduces time to market


Our Solutions Assist Banks And Clearing Houses With Identifying Fraudulent Transactions Saving Time And Money

  • Preventing fraudulent credit card transactions and confirming customer location in real-time has become increasingly important
  • 10,000,000 cardholders per year will get phone calls from their issuers notifying them of suspicious activity on their account
  • Average time to re-instate card is 12 minutes
  • Credit card companies loose 7c in every $100 in fraudulent transactions. This translates into $8.6 Billion per year
  • Provision of information regarding subscriber location can dramatically reduce fraudulent activities. One approach that is gaining momentum is the ability to correlate real-time customer location with financial activities and transactions
  • Providing subscriber location and cross-referencing financial transactions will protect your business and your customers


Provision Of Seamless Integration Between Macro and Micro Mobile Networks

  • Worldwide connectivity to enhance private cellular networks
  • Get all your calls and SMS worldwide with ANY SIM
  • InRoaming enhances any private network providing the ability to use any SIM on 2G/3G/LTE and receive inbound calls and SMS automatically to your mobile phone
I just want MY mobile phone to work normally
This was the direction we received from a senior military officer back in 2009

This was the catalyst TD-Mobile needed to develop In-Roaming and remove the barriers that make standalone or bubble networks difficult to manage and negate the cumbersome user experience.

It became evident that providing a truly seamless solution for users within a private network whilst still maintaining security with “whitelists” and “blacklists” was the only way forward for 2G/3G and LTE private networks.


  • Detailed radio planning ensures complete site only coverage
  • Standalone 2G, 3G and LTE on-premises
  • Secure solution provided for Embassy and Foreign Office employees
  • Automatic In-Roaming provides seamless solution
  • Geofencing
  • Whitelist / Blacklist
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